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Website Evaluation Tool:

Since Nettrekker is no longer available to students follow the links below for search engines that may help students:
Open Web Learning (Powered by Google- gives Google results on the right and specific educational links on the right.)

This website is a chart of the best way to search on the various search engines. When to use Boolean Logic... when not to use it. Search this site to find out the best way to search Google, Clusty, and more .

Copyright Free Image Search:


DiscoverEd Search Widget

Animals Search:

SlimeKids- School Library Media Kids. Games, references, search engines, and more.

Plagiarism is stealing. It is stealing someone else’s ideas. Read this article and find out how you can take a bite out of this crime. This website contains an anti-plagiarism checklist.

Avoid Plagiarism:
This search engine runs on and teaches Boolean Logic, a librarian's dream search engine:

Encyclopædia Britannica's 300 Women who changed the world.
This is a good search for Women's History:

The Virtual Learning Resources Center-

Website Evaluation Tool:

Search Me- look for yourself:
Another new search engine:

This is a good site from a university:

Google Docs for Teachers:

A dictionary that talks to you to help you pronounce the word:

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