MLA Style Guides

Mrs. Conger had put together a fill in the blank Works Cited and Consulted Page for you to use when you are doing research projects. Click here for the Works Cited and Consulted Page.

Plagiarism for Kids:

Here are links to some excellent MLA style guides, as well as some of the more "commercial" ventures. The first link is the one that Mrs. Conger uses when she needs to do citations.:

*MLA Formatting and Style Guide - The OWL at

*MLA Citation Style<>

*BibMe - the fully automatic & free bibliography maker (MLA, APA &

*Rye Country Day: Bibliography

*HColquitt County High School - MLA Source Citation
<> *

*Son of Citation Machine <> *

*CIC: Secondary

*New Page 1 <> *

*OSLIS :: MLA Citation Maker :: Middle and High

*Parkway Schools: MLA Works Cited

*Noodle Tools <>*

What about podcasts... how do you cite them... and more...

If you are writing for the web, here are some good tips: