Internet Safety

IMG_7645[1].JPGAll Digital Citizens- Protect Private Information for themselves and others- remember, you wouldn't share your toothbrush with a stranger... don't share your personal information with anyone except your parents.

All Digital Citizens- Respect Themselves and Others in online communities.
Betty's Netiquette Quiz.
Netsmart video- Bad Netiquette Stinks.

All Digital Citizens- Stay Safe Online by listening to their gut feelings.
Netsmart Video- Routher's Birthday Surprise.
Google Family Safety- Playing and Staying Safe Online.

Google Family Safety- Detecting Lies & Staying True.

Google Family Safety- Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks.

All Digital Citizens- Stand Up to Cyberbullying At a Distance- Standing up to cyberbullying.
OnGuard Online- Stand up to Cyberbullying.
Disney Channel Stars- Stand Up to Cyberbullying.

YouTube- Cyberbullying Virus.

All Digital Citizens- Balance their time Online.
Here are some webquests on Internet Safety... this page will be updated often.

A technology integrator's wiki page on Internet Safety:

My Filamentality Webquest:

Nice Webquest:

Webwise Kids:

Digital Safety: Safety

This site is from a school district includes PowerPoints and videos and more:

5 Internet Safety Sites and how they help kids:

PSA talking dog:

CyberQuoll from Australia:
Another Australia Site:
Australian Site from Julie bookjewel on Plurk:

One of my PLN's (bookjewel- Julie Squires from Australia) wiki on Cyber Safety:

Simple K-12:

Nancy Willard Approved Sites:

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use
NetFamilyNews Blog
Media Awareness Network
OnGuard Online