Earth Day Research
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Click on the sites below to find the information you need for your research project.

If you click on the types of pollution on the left, a map of the US pops up with color coded areas displaying the severity of pollution in that state. You can click on the individual states to get further details about the pollution.

Water Pollution:

EPAThe site educates childen and teacher on hot environmental issues. Click on the links at the bottom of the page to find more information on water, air, recycling and the environment. You can click on those links in the picture as well! Have fun... this is a great site!

Connecticut PlasticsThis site is called: Paper, Plastic & More: A Kid's Guide to Recycling & Environmental Conservation. It was sent to me by Ms. Kimberly McKnight's class. They found this resource so helpful that they wanted to add to it. Thank you so much Ms. Mcknight and your class.

World Wildlife FoundationIt is WWF's goal to build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

Here is the WWF's endangered webpage. Go here and click on the link to the animal of your choice.

On the WWF site you can click around to get to the National Geographic sites. Here is the wildworld site. here you can click and find the global map and choose an area of the world to study further.

On the wild finder you can find where the world's animals live. You can choose to search by place or animal species. You will love this site. Try a search by the zip code for Collegeville... you will see all the species (376 in all) of the area and it will give you a link to Google images of the species as well as tell you it's status... if it is endangered and endangered risk level.

This website from the African American Environmentalist Association was provided byKrissy Koenig, a librarian at Cleary Mountain Middle School in Virginia. Her students have been using this page for their environmental research and one of her students, Whitney, found this wonderful site asked that this link be included on our Earth Day Research page. Thank you Whitney! The African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA) was founded in 1985 to deliver environmental information and services directly into communities. The entire site is good and the link below talks about recycling and composting, it contains 15 additional links that are also worth a look.

This "Recycling Resources for Appliances and other Kitchen Items" site was provided by the Chippewa Middle School in Michigan. Students were preparing for a big Recycling presentation when they found this page and decided they wanted to share it with Arrowhead! Thanks so much for another great resource! :-)

This page keeps growing because so many wonderful teachers from around the country send sites that their students find. Special thanks to Malcolm and Bryant and their teacher Yeliza Johnson from the Comptom Community Center for this Environmental Calculators page! It has some great resources to measure your geen impact!

Websites for your searches!