Yes We Can- ending copyright confusion.

Teaching Copyright:

Pennsylvania's Copyright Page:

Sources of Re-usable Media:
More copyright friendly:
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10 Myths about Copyright:
A Scavenger Hunt to go along with the above website:

Copyright Guidelines:

The Surf Report... Surf Copyright issues here:

ALA's District Dispatch page:

Copyright Information Links page...

Educon-Kristin Hockenson's slides:

A video to explain copyright:

This is a link to Joyce Valenza's Copyright-Friendly wiki page where you can find even more resources, sounds, and images that you can use for websites, podcasts, and more.

Nice page to more links:

Education World's Take on Copyright and Fair Use... great teacher's guide:

Is Fair Use a License to Steal?
contains a list of what/how things can be used (including multimedia)

Free Sounds:

Copyright Compliance PowerPoint from South Carolina Department of Education:,1,Copyright

Copyright Frequently Asked Questions from South Carolina Department of Education:

Kathy Schrock's Copyright and Fiar Use Guidelines for School Projects:

Hall Davidson:

Copyright Friendly Images for Education:

30+ places to find Creative Commons Media (free to use but must cite and give credit to creator):

APA Citation Format for those hard to find citations:

Some graphics to use but remember to cite the source: