Baseball Almanac- Dedicated to preserving the history of baseball, more than 300 pages of baseball facts, research, and statistics:

Fact Monster from InformationPlease- find the facts on thousands of subjects, just type in what you need to know or use the subject index:

A little bit harder but still fun- InformationPlease Almanac- just watch the pop-ups:

The Old Farmer's Almanac- America's oldest continuously published periodical is now online. Features the best in home, garden, history, food, and fun. Weather forcasts are 80% accurate:
The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids- Old Farmer's Almanac for the younger crowd:

World Almanac for Kids- Online version of the "World Almanac for Kids." Visitors can browse the website through searchable categories. Fun learning games also available:

Let's Practice with Study Zone:
This is an interactive media page that first discusses the differences among dictionaries, almanacs, and encyclopedias before providing some exercises about when to use each (link near bottom of page). Part of a larger, standardized test preparation site designed for elementary students in New York State: