How to teach technology to students:

Macmillan-mcgraw hill website has a little tech program that's free (Florida Treasures Computer Literacy):
http://activities.macmillanmh. com/reading/treasures/html/ teacher_computer_lt_lessons.html

Animated Technology Dictionary .

Other sites for students: index.html

ABC Ya -
BBC - computertutor/ computertutorone/
Aunt Lee - Typing Programs - staff/keyBskills/

For Everyone:

Avatars to create ID's for your students:

Podcasting in Plain English:

Find a Web 2.0 tool:

Here is a great site for integrating technology into the classroom:

Free Photo Editing Website:

Scrapbooking online:

Here are the top 100 tools for learning... it is about learning not about the technology... technology is a tool for learning:

Create your own comic strips:

25 Places to find Instructional Videos on the Web.

A place to make cool stuff with your photos:

Video tutorials to brush up your tech skills .

Free PhotoShop like tool:

A great wiki site from a technology integrtator who shares sites for teachers:

Using Wordle in the Classroom Tutorials:

Technology Integration:

How to do just about everything. Video tutorials:

Teaching Innovations:

Live Binders- The Knowledge Sharing Place .

Everything you always wanted in one place. Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites .

Learning Tools:

Children's Museum of Indianapolis:

Methacton Specific Info: