This is a great site to find resources and maybe use on the SMART Board. A partnership started in 2002 between the International Reading Association, The National Council of Teachers, and the MarcoPolo Education Foundation created ReadWriteThink. It provides free, Internet-based material to educators, students, and parents!

Word Magnets.

English Teacher's Resources:

Do your students need to use Flash Cards? Need some they can use online?
Study Stack : Some are already made in some subject areas or you can make your own.
A Study Stack with Library Terms for kids .
A nice Study Stack for Library Terms . Has the word library aides in it that may not apply to Arrowhead Library.
Here is a Study Stack just for Library Media .
FlashCard DB : Free Online Flash Cards with Spaced Repetition.
Even more flashcards: Flashcard exchange .
Some templates:

Tired of the same old research project? How about having you students create their own webpage? 100Mg of free space is provided by Google Pages. All you need is a google e-mail account. As a teacher you could create an e-mail account and have a free page for yourself that you can create as a class project. Of course you can also set up your own wiki too. Don't know how? Ask @your library.

Thesis Builder This may be a better fit for middle and high school students to use but I can see teaching how to write a thesis statement and filling in these blanks... take a look.

5 ways to stop cheating:

EduHound Weekly August 10th
Time For Kids Mini Lessons:

Want to learn more about Web2.0 tools?
This wiki is more general, for an entire school:
This wiki is for clssrooms:

Bingo Card Maker

Global Schoolhouse

Project Based Learning- This site gives links to projects, other schools using project based learning. Some of the schools have links to webquests and other projects.

September is Back to School Month, here are some pages and links to worksheets, lessons, and more:

October is Fire Safety month, Halloween, and more, here are some pages with links to worksheets, lessons and more:
Halloween Newsletter for teachers
October 4-10 is World Space Week:

Crafts for Kids:

November is Thanksgiving and more...

Need worksheets?

Blooms Digital Taxonomy:

What is the Social Web and Why should I care?

Whining Rubric: