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Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyption Mummies and Heiroglyphics:
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Eternal Egypt .
Lesson Plans and Worksheets and more .

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Ancient Greece for Kids .

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George Washington

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Video of Wilbur Wright and his flying machine .

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Check these out from Mr. Rogers, kids can even vote on their favorite manufacturing video.

Websites for Famous Pennsylvanians:

Pennsylvania Center for the Book Literary and Cultural Heritage Map http://www.pabook.libraries. fame
Things to Do - Pennsylvania states/PA/famous_people.htm
South Park High School

http://sparkhslibrary. HISTORY
Mifflin County School District Famous Pennsylvanians Research Page Social_Studies/famous_people. htm
People of Pennsylvania states/peop/pa_peop.htm
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission portal/ pennsylvania_history/4276
Scott Foresman/Factmonster – Look for more information on your person here.
Pennsylvania People- curriculum/library/papeople/ Pages/default.aspx