These are the resources that were sent in an e-mail from Technology Integrators Brooke Ross and Layla Lyons:

Grade Level Resources:

Halloween Resources .

Tutorials and More... Interactive Whiteboards Why?

SMART Exchange:

Here are some more Instructional Sites for SMART Boards:

Scholastic Smart Board Activities:


Mini Science Movies:

Teacher Created Resources:

Interactive Whiteboard Resources:

Need some SMART Board or just some plain whiteboard tools?

Veteran's Day:

PowerPoint Tutorial:

Need some Mind Maping tools for the SMART Board or for students to use?

From Claire:

From an elementary school:
From eduscapes: - has a clock.


From Sieverville Middle School in Tenn.:

All Grades:
Interactive Whiteboard Resources:

All Grades- a Grid:

Grades K, T1, 1
ABC Order game that the kids love:

Make words:

This is a wonderful site for keyboarding:

Dr. Seuss memory game:

SMART Links:

Communication Arts:

Middle School- not a grid:

Grade 1:
Here is a great interactive page:
This is used for the Jan Brett Unit:

Grade 3
I usually make sure that I use this at least once with Grade 2 but I
emphasize it with Grade 3 and use it as a review with grade 4. It is a
great way to end a plagiarism lesson as well… how to paraphrase
not plagiarize:

Grades 4 & 5:
I use this game after we learn about alliteration, rhyme and rhythm:

I use these sites for Metaphors:
We actually write our metaphors on this page and then take a picture
and add it to the SmartNoetbook:
Simple workbook pages become more interesting when we write on the
SMART Board:
This is a tutorial that can be used on the SMART Board as well as in
small groups:

Simple Machine Game and Lessons:

All grades:
Need something to put up on the SMART Board quick? Check out Julie
More links for elementary teachers to use to find sites:
Another librarian’s website:
I love these because I can do them as part of a lesson in the library:
Interactive Word Search and more:
This is a great site from the State of PA Libraries:

Library Specific:

Tutorial and Game:

Not a game of Dewey but a fun way to teach the concept using the SMART

Series and Sequels:

Promethean to open up their resource library to everyone.
Interactive Whiteboard Resources: