Library Order Tutorial and Games... Fun Games- Dewey, Alphabetical!

Internet for Kids An interactive lesson for children to teach them the skills of Internet research.

Research 101 is an interactive online tutorial for students wanting an introduction to research skills.

Parts of a Book Lessons and Practice:

Grade 1 Lesson Plans:
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Dewey Decimal Idea: Create a Voki and or a Wordle:

Dewey Decimal Webquests:

Common Craft Show has videos on Web 2.0 tools:

Website for Evaluation:
hoax eval sites, I love the octopus, and zombie's best
how to eval
Hoax Sites Deflector Beanie Ova Prima Foundation Boiler Plate Buy an Ancestor Velcro Crop Tornado DiHydrogen Google Jobs Pigeon Rank Poggibonsi Mankato, MN Moonbeam Fisher Price Airplane Tree Octopus

Here are a few. J. M. Barrie sites: vs.

Or: vs.

Also, here's another useful site:

These are the websites that were deemed our favorites for students evaluate. There is no rhyme or reason to the list yet (my apologies).<outbind://1/>

Christopher Columbus is so outrageous that students always know it is a hoax but some of the others are pretty convincing. On library skills blog I have a lesson on website evaluation and there are several sites on it, both good and bad. You can find it at: Scroll down until you find the post entitled, "When in doubt, doubt! and

Google Lesson Plans:


Overall Curriculum Helps with an Online Atlas: