What is a Blog?
Blog is short for Weblog. It is an online journal.
This wiki will tell you more: http://www.teachinghacks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Weblogs_in_Education

Education Blog Page- a list of education blogs:

PA Young Reader's Choice Blog
Please ask Mrs. Conger for the username and password.
To sign in and post a comment on the blog or respond to another student's post you will need to go to:
http://edublogs.org/ and then click on the link that says "Student login here." That will take you to another page where you must look for "log in here to an existing blog" and click on log in here. That will bring you to the page where you will put the user name and password that you get from Mrs. Conger. We will post our own comments and make comments on other posts but we will not edit each other's comments. Remember that the world can see what you post, so be a good cyber citizen!

Mrs. Conger's Blog

Getting Tricky with Wikis- a wiki how to .

100 Cool Tools for Elementary teachers: http://www.classroom20.com/profiles/blog/show?id=649749%3ABlogPost%3A180818

Carrie Higgins is a Library Media Specialist at Wissahickon Charter School in Philadelphia, PA. Her wiki is called dewey-dot-com.

Interested in Web2.0? Here are some Free Web-Based Applications and Services. Web2.0 is sometimes called a cloud. This website is called Cummulus ... maybe it is not spelled correctly but it is part of the cloud of cyber-space! http://webappsportal.com/

Social Networking in Education: http://socialnetworksined.wikispaces.com/

Cool Tools: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/cool-websites-and-tools-edition-164/

How to use Twitter in your library: http://mobile-libraries.blogspot.com/2009/09/100-ways-to-use-twitter-in-your-library.html